Why cherries?

We are often asked about our unusual name. The name relates to the Harwell area in the UK, which is the hub of the UK space industry and where we are based. This is the location of the Satellite Applications Catapult, European Space Agency’s ESCAT facility, Rutherford and Appleton Laboratory, and many space start-up companies (visit http://harwellcampus.com).

Long before the Harwell Campus was established, and even before Sir John Cockcroft and Lord Rutherford selected Harwell as the site for the fledgling UK atomic research establishment, the local area was well known for its cherry orchards. Harwell cherries were said to be a favourite of Winston Churchill. Nowadays, only a small part of the historic orchards remain, but you can still buy them at the local farms shops when they are in season.

Visit: qgardensfarmshop.co.uk

Cherry pickers 1930, Harrell Oxfordshire

Harwell cherry pickers in 1930’s, very close to the site of Cherry Space’s current facility. Photo courtesy of Betty Pyke, Harwell.