What we do

We are passionate about entrepreneurship in the ‘new space’ age: promoting and encouraging it, and actually doing it!

Cherry Space is a network of experienced space entrepreneurs, with several successful space start-up companies and exits under our belts. We invest in a small number of start-up companies at the seed stage, but only where we believe our experience and deep knowledge of the industry can make a significant difference to their chances of success. (Yes, we know all investors say that … but with our deep knowledge of the industry, and expertise in space technology, we really can.)

A key difference from other investors is that we also develop and co-fund our own ventures so we know both sides of the experience – as investors and also as entrepreneurs. You wouldn’t expect somebody who can’t drive to help you learn to drive!

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Portfolio Companies


Oxford Space Systems

Oxford Space Systems is an award-winning space technology business that is pioneering the development of a new generation of deployable antennas and structures that are lighter, less complex and lower cost than those in current commercial demand. Link here.

Helix Technologies

Helix Technologies is developing a range of miniature antennas for use in a wide range of demanding applications including Internet of Things (IoT), GNSS, autonomous vehicles/driverless cars, drone delivery platforms, LEO satellite communications, personal body-worn devices and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications. Link here.


IMGeospatial creates AUTOMATICALLY SMARTER™ products based on machine learning, artificial intelligence, automatic feature extraction, remote sensing and multi-scopic data, providing valuable business intelligence to many industry sectors across the world. Link here.

Hummingbird Technologies

Hummingbird Technologies is an artificial intelligence business, using imagery and data analytics from drone and satellite technology, along with proprietary algorithms, to provide farmers with 2cm/pixel maps of their crops at a canopy level, and at critical decision making junctions in the season. Hummingbird uses the most advanced machine learning and computer vision techniques, delivering actionable insights on crop health directly to the field. Link here.

SEN     Corporation

Sen’s vision is building the information infrastructure for space, starting with on-orbit video and analytics as a service. Their business model is providing data as a service for space missions and for planetary observation, providing unique new video perspectives of events in space and events on Earth, the Moon and Mars. Link here.

To Be Announced

We have one other investment that prefers no publicity in the public-domain at the moment, and two other deals in the pipeline.

Own Ventures


Lacuna Space

Lacuna Space is developing a network that enables the collection of data from sensors at very low-cost, without re-charging or additional power supplies, even in the most remote parts of the world. The company is being developed within the ESA Business Incubation Centre at Harwell, UK.


Sequestim is a joint venture between Cardiff University and QMC Instruments that is using world-class space detector technology developed for astronomy missions and applying it to security applications, in particular, future aviation security systems where we are working on contracts with the Home Office.

Affiliations and Collaborations

We are relatively small-scale seed investors who work with other angel syndicates. Cherry Space is a member company and active supporter of:


UK Space Tech Angels (UKSTA)

The UK Space Tech Angels (UKSTA) initiative is an angel funding network, devised and delivered by Newable Private Investing in conjunction with the £67m Seraphim Space Fund.

The Satellite Finance Network

The Satellite Finance Network (SFN) is a network of individuals and organisations from the finance, legal, insurance, government and space technology and applications communities with a common interest in delivering satellite and space-enabled projects to domestic and export markets around the world.

UK Business Angels Association

The UK Business Angels Association is the national trade association for angel and early-stage investment, representing over 160 member organisations and around 18,000 investors.

The SME Forum of UKspace

The SME Forum is part of UKspace and represents the interests of SMEs within the industry trade association. It provides a low-cost route to a range of expertise and resources.