Cherry Space is not a consultancy company.  To be frank, it is not what gets us most excited. But like everybody else, we have bills to pay, so we do take on the occasional consultancy contract if the topic is something that complements our interests.

We don’t charge super-high rates because otherwise, it would be too tempting to deviate from our main mission which is to get new companies started!

Hey, I’d like some help please!

How we can help your business


Due Diligence

Expert domain knowledge for investment decisions, or mergers and acquisitions. If we don’t have the deep technical expertise you are looking for within our network, then I’m sure we’ll know the right person to refer you to.  Between us, we have worked with most of the leading space technical authorities across the globe.

Polishing your Pitch

It is often easier to see how to pitch other people’s ideas rather than your own. Normally it is hard to formulate a crisp pitch when you are completely invested in an idea and intimately know all of its details. Even for our own ventures, we use external help to us polish our pitches.

Market Research

Any research or deep data dives to build business cases or understand the new space entrepreneurial ecosystem is of interest to us. We are intimately involved with the ‘new space’ entrepreneurial ecosystem, and if we can use that knowledge to promote the industry, or attract new start-ups to the UK, we are very happy to do that.