We are passionate about space entrepreneurship and are constantly asking the question, ‘What could be changed to make it easier for start-ups to take-off?’ (pun intended). We do occasional research tasks for organisations such as the UK Space Agency in order to promote knowledge and understanding of the entrepreneurial side of the space sector and to help make the UK the ‘best place to build and grow a space business’.

We have compiled a guide to the current sources of finance, whether through grants, equity, or private companies. We also maintain our own databases of deals and funding of UK space companies and occasionally publish data. (To be honest, we should do more of that … )

We recently concluded a study for Space Growth Partnership (SGP) to gather data on sources of finance because it was surprisingly hard to quantify the sources of investment in the UK space sector.  The SGP will shortly be publishing its work and we’ll post more here as soon as we are permitted to publish the data.

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