Access to Finance

Let’s face it, for most start-up companies, the toughest part of the seed stage is getting funded. Within our partner network, we have raised literally hundreds of millions of pounds of funding for space ventures. We tend to work in partnership with other space angels to syndicate investments but we are also well connected with venture capital and private equity firms that are becoming increasingly interested in the ‘new space’.

Feel free to contact us with regard to funding, but please be aware that we won’t invest in companies that may have conflicts of interest with our own ventures. It is just too complicated to respect the IP rights of all involved …

However, if we can’t help you, then we may be able to point you in the right direction. We like to help where we can because every successful start-up company is another contribution to the growing UK entrepreneurial ecosystem. But what we don’t do is raise your funding for you!

UK entrepreneurs are also blessed with strong support from the UK government because it wishes to seed companies with high-growth and high-productivity potential. Often, really good business cases can find some form of grant money to de-risk early technology developments, providing the company can raise some matching funding. (It’s a bugbear of ours that so many start-up businesses rely solely on grant funding, or solely on equity investments, and don’t exploit the benefits of both – see our Research section.)

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