These are remarkable times within the space industry as it transitions from being predominately government funded to one in which private investors are funding commercial ventures to provide services that impact our every-day lives, and also huge infrastructure projects to address global challenges.

Normally an introduction to the space industry goes on to say the UK’s space industry is one of the largest exporters of space hardware in the world, directly employing 38,500 people and contributing over £10bn to the UK economy. All that good stuff is here.

What is less well-known is that in 2016, private investors invested £48m in equity in UK start-up companies, and in 2017 that looks set to double to almost £100m – see our research. It is looking likely that within a few years, equity investment in ‘new space’ companies will exceed the UK’s government’s investment in the European Space Agency of around £300m p.a.

The geeks have become entrepreneurs … come join us for the journey!